Egg Freezing

Egg freezing provides women a means to pause the biological clock, preserving egg quality for when she is ready to become a parent.

The most optimal time for a woman to freeze eggs is in her twenties while a woman’s fertility potential is near its peak. As a woman ages, the quality and quantity of her eggs decline, which significantly impacts her ability to conceive.

When to Freeze your Eggs

A woman is born with two ovaries, each containing about million resting eggs. By the time a woman hits puberty, a large number of eggs have already been lost. By her thirties, her egg quality begins to decrease along with quantity. Fertility experts recommend a woman freeze her eggs in her twenties or thirties. But that's not to say that egg freezing hasn't helped women in their thirties and forties, too. Chances at successfully using the eggs harvested depends largely on the egg quality at the time of freezing.

Egg Freezing Process

Once you decide to freeze your eggs we will perform simple blood testing to evaluate your ovarian reserve. This will give us an idea of the quality and quantity of your egg reserve and also help determine a timeline of when to start the egg-freezing cycle.


The entire process takes about 4 weeks, starting with daily injections of hormonal drugs will help stimulate a larger number of eggs. There will be regular monitoring and blood tests to evaluate your response to the stimulation medications and to follow the number of eggs you are growing. This helps us ensures we don't hyperstimulate your ovaries.


After the stimulation period, you will be advised to give yourself an injection to trigger your ovaries to release the mature eggs (ovulate) so they can be retrieved about two days later. 


Egg retrieval is a relatively painless procedure performed right in our office under twilight anesthesia. 

Cost of Egg Freezing

Fertility preservation is increasingly being offered to employees as part of their insurance package by companies like Google, Yahoo and others. When you call to make an appointment, we will ask for your insurance details so we can call your provider and review your particular policy coverage. We will give you a courtesy call back to review those details with you prior to you coming in. We do all the footwork for you.

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