Payment Plans

Affording Fertility Treatment Without Insurance

Affording fertility treatment can be difficult without sufficient insurance coverage. That's why we employ full time insurance and billing specialists whose #1 priority is to help you afford the treatment you need and deserve. 

No one should give up their dream of becoming a parent due to finances. So, we have formulated a 4-step process by which we are able to help the most patients become parents.

4 Step Financial Assistance

1. Treatment Plan

First, we must discover what kind of treatment Dr Morgan recommends to give you the very best chance at becoming pregnant.


2. Discounts

Depending on the recommended treatment, you might then meet with our Financial Coordinator to determine whether you qualify for any discounts. We will also provide you with any current coupons or vouchers from outside labs or specialty pharmacies. 


3. Financing & Packaging

If you still require assistance, you may be referred to a special fertility financing company that we have forged a trusting relationship with over the years. You may elect to finance only a portion of your treatment, or choose to take advantage of multiple-cycle packaging. Planning ahead for multiple cycles can save thousands of dollars in the long run, since the chances of having a child from just one IVF cycle are less than 50%, but can be as high as 83% by your third attempt. (2014 SART statistics)

4. Payment Plans

We work with fertility financing companies who accept even less than perfect credit scores. But, if you are still unable to secure the funds needed to pursue fertility treatments, we will then see if you qualify for an in-house payment plan. We are limited to the number we can accept. So, this option is only available to a select few, who can demonstrate extreme need.


To find out whether you qualify for any of these programs, you must first become a patient. Our Financial and Billing Office is not equipped to qualify individuals or couples who have not seen Dr Morgan in an initial consultation and a treatment plan has been recommended yet. Sorry, no exceptions.

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