Top 5 Infertility Insurance Questions - Benefits Cap

Question: I have already reached my maximum infertility benefits cap amount of $10,000, what does this mean and will services be covered at your facility?

Answer: Our office protocol is to verify everyone's insurance before our patients have their initial consultation with the doctor. Our insurance specialists will obtain a full breakdown of what will be covered under the $10,000 cap and what will be excluded.

Once your insurance details have been verified by a team member, we will call you and go over your specific infertility benefits in detail. This process eliminates surprises and allows our patients to make well informed decisions that make sense for them both emotionally and financially.

Many patients ask for a meeting with a financial coordinator to discuss their infertility coverage prior to coming in for their first visit. Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff to meet with patients who have not yet met with Dr Morgan for an initial visit yet. If you have met your infertility cap already and would like to discover how much infertility services will cost you, you must get started with an initial consultation first to discover what treatment is available and recommended for you. You may then schedule a free of charge financial meeting with a coordinator to discuss charges and infertility discounts.

Read more about infertility insurance, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), discount programs, discounted medications, what to expect and getting started with an initial consultation.

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