Top 5 Infertility Insurance Questions - Tubal Reversal

Question: Will my insurance cover infertility services if my tubes are tied and/or my partner had a vasectomy?

Answer: Most insurance policies specify that only couples who have not opted to undergo sterilization procedures are eligible for infertility treatments.

This usually includes both female and male sterilizations. So, even men who have chosen vasectomy as a way to avoid parenthood in the past are likely to be denied unless the policy you chose specifies otherwise.

However, the initial consultation with Dr Morgan will be covered. If infertility treatments such as IVF or IUI are recommended, you will then be given a free financial counseling meeting to determine eligibility for discounts.

We have several resources available for more research regarding tubal reversal, IVF, infertility discounts, and infertility insurance. But, the quickest way to get the answers you deserve is to fill out a contact form to book a consultation to speak with Dr Morgan directly.

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