5 Facts about Fertility Testing

If you are under 30 and have been trying to get pregnant for more than 1 year, you should get some fertility tests done.

If you're over 30 and have been trying with no success for more than 6 months, it's time to get some fertility tests completed.

In fact, more than 80% of patients polled at Morgan Fertility said they wish they'd gotten fertility tests done earlier.

Here's what you should know about fertility tests:

1. Roughly 1 out of every 8 couples in the USA have trouble getting pregnant.

2. Most insurance policies cover diagnostic testing.

3. Female fertility tests start with simple blood work to measure hormones and check for egg quality and a simple intravaginal ultrasound will check for obvious abnormalities of the ovaries and uterus.

4. More advanced female fertility tests may include a sonohysterogram (SHG) of the uterus (quite simple & done in-house) or an X-ray of the fallopian tubes called a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to check for blockage.

5. More than 40% of all infertility cases are attributed to male factors. So ... Men should have a semen analysis done early in the testing process.

More in-depth info: Female Fertility Tests, Male Fertility Tests, Egg Freezing Fertility Tests

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