Elective Egg Freezing | What’s the Buzz About?

Many large, well known corporations such as Apple, Facebook and Yahoo have recently begun offering elective egg freezing to employees who wish to focus on career before starting a family as part of standard health benefits packages offered to employees.

There has also been a recent trend among Hollywood celebrities to elect freezing oocytes (eggs) for later use while searching for just the right partner, Kim Kardashian, Maria Menounos, Janet Jackson, and Jennifer Aniston to name a few.

Whether considering fertility preservation due to school, career, medical concerns, or because you simply haven’t found the right partner yet, it is important to choose the right doctor and to be informed about what to expect.

How are the eggs obtained?

Eggs are removed using a small, very accurate ultrasound guide that allows the doctor to drain the fluid filled follicles containing your eggs. You will be lightly sedated, but asleep, and feel no discomfort. You will need to take things easy for a few days, although most people return to their regular activities a day or two later.

Will I have to take fertility medications?

The purpose of egg freezing is to mature and freeze enough eggs to ensure one or more future pregnancies. It is important to understand that during monthly ovulation, the body usually chooses only one egg to ovulate. So, stimulation drugs are required to mature multiple oocytes to extract. However, it is crucial to choose a fertility specialist who is known for minimal stimulation (less medications), which is better for your body, but who still achieves high success rates through close monitoring and an expert staff.

How do I choose a fertility doctor to discuss my options?

While there are a few fertility specialists in our area to choose from, you will want to find a specialist that not only fits your personality style, but who is generally accepted as an expert in egg freezing. First, you will want to decide whether a Fertility “Clinic” or a Solo-Practitioner better fits your personality. Generally speaking, smaller practices offer a more intimate, personalized bedside manner and larger “clinic” style practices provide a bit less personal experience, while both may have high success rates.

No matter which style of practice better suits you, you will want select a doctor who offers egg freezing packages, and utilizes minimal stimulation (less medications) while achieving high success in vitro fertilization (IVF) rates, a sure sign of an expert staff and close monitoring of patients.

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